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Industry Capabilities - What ATC Drivetrain Can Do For You

Industry Capabilities

As our name would indicate, ATC Drivetrain serves the automotive industry by providing world-class remanufacturing and logistics services for drivetrain products. Light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealerships turn to ATC Drivetrain because our ingenuity and results-driven track record add value to their products, reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.

We specialize in working with customers needing high-velocity, high-volume, high-quality repairs. Additionally, we stake our claim as "salvage kings" by preserving as many component parts for recycling and reuse, all part of our commitment to a cost-effective "Green" repair.

Customized Product and Service Offerings

The ATC Drivetrain formula for success involves the integration of speed, innovation, dedication to quality and passionate protection of your brand image. By applying the ATC principles of Quality, Service, Efficiency & Growth to the models and programs we develop, our customers enjoy the benefits of customized product and service offerings designed to meet the specific demands of their market.

Customer Benefits

The benefits of doing business with ATC Drivetrain include:

  • For the past five years, ATC Drivetrain has exceeded a 99.5% on-time delivery record, including emergency orders that require same day delivery. This, in conjunction with our product launch process that quickly places new products on the market, is why customers turn to us for fast, reliable service.
  • Employment of new technology led to advances in the salvage and cleaning process, maximizing the use of "experienced" materials and components and reducing overall costs. Technological advancements and sophisticated measurement devices ensure a vigorous, high-quality production process.
  • Our commitment to total quality results in a reduction of warranty costs throughout the entire supply chain, not just in our own facilities. Through these efforts our customers have enjoyed more than $5,000,000 in warranty savings over the past two years. In addition to having a positive impact on their bottom lines, our customers experienced increased customer satisfaction and owner loyalty.
  • Efforts to re-engineer customer supply chains have resulted in overall brand enhancements and increased customer satisfaction with transmission and engines remanufactured by ATC Drivetrain.

Contact ATC Drivetrain

It is our privilege to provide a wide-range of services and solutions to automotive industry clients who serve nearly every niche of the market. We encourage you to learn more about our specific expertise. Contact ATC Drivetrain so we can begin applying our knowledge and experience to the benefit of you and your customers.