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Automatic Transmission Remanufacturing

With multiple distinct assembly lines, ATC is the largest automatic transmission remanufacturer in the United States. We produce step automatics from 4 to 6 speed; ranging in torque capacity from 250 to 1400 lb.-ft., and will soon possess the capacity to remanufacture 10-speed automatics.

With some customer relationships lasting over 80 years, we’ve developed an unmatched level of trust with our OEM partners due to our unmatched quality and reliability demonstrated over 8 decades of service.

ATC’s in-line testing and product dynamometer mimic the final testing standards of OEM for the original released transmissions. With every remanufactured transmission, we incorporate prior year(s) upgrades to ensure value and compatibility.

CVT Remanufacturing

ATC is the largest CVT (continuously variable transmission) remanufacturer in the United States. A CVT, also known as a shiftless, single-speed, stepless, or pulley transmission is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios.

ATC offers multiple distinct assembly lines that produce end products ranging from standard CVTs to the most complex architecture incorporating all-wheel drive systems within the CVT. Our assembly line is housed in a dedicated climate controlled room, ensuring we meet the exacting standards and precise needs of our customers.

Our in-line testing and product dynamometer mimic the final testing standards the OEM employs for the transmissions, upon original release. Every remanufactured transmission ATC produces incorporates prior year(s) upgrades, ensuring maximum compatibility with current standards.

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