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Service and Remanufacture Engines

Remanufactured Engines

For the past 30 years, ATC Drivetrain has worked to develop relationships with leading OEMs to ensure the work we do abides by the strictest confidentiality standards to protect our clients' intellectual property. It is this commitment to care and detail that led us to become a leading independent remanufacturer and service assembler of gas engines.

Remanufacturing Capabilities

ATC Drivetrain customers such as Chrysler and Subaru benefit from our efforts to ensure that we implement Quality, Service, Efficiency & Growth factors into every process, every product development and every program initiative we create. Our engine remanufacturing capabilities open a wide range of opportunities to customers.

  • Efficient cleaning and salvage processes produce like new parts at a tremendous cost savings
  • Development of flexible and lean product lines accommodate a variety of engines within a generic family to offer maximum capital utilization and economies of scale
  • We implement production lines equipped with the latest metrics and fastening tools to facilitate a robust and efficient process
  • Efficient production systems with easy-to-follow work instructions and process monitoring ensure production meets engineering specifications
  • We hot or cold test every engine to ensure the end customer receives only products of the highest quality

Servicing a Wide Range of Engines

ATC Drivetrain specializes in gas engines with total capacities of less than one liter, up to a maximum of eight liters that service the wide-ranging needs of light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Our clients enjoy lower costs and lengthy after-sales support from the solutions we provide.

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