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Other Products & Services

Remanufacturing Processes and Services

ATC Drivetrain is in a position to leverage its access and experience in a wide range of manufacturing engineering processes to further enhance our value to customers. We can translate our transmissions and engines expertise to turbochargers, steering products, driveshafts and energy-related equipment. Additionally, with in-depth knowledge of OEMs and Tier One suppliers, and as the provider of logistics services to Fortune 100 companies, ATC Drivetrain offers other unique services to our clients.

  • Root cause analysis and testing
  • Machining that ensures efficiency
  • Preservation, storage and distribution of ATR machined components for service
  • Asset recovery, rust removal, damage rectification and associated cost savings
  • Recycling of warranty returns that meet OEM specifications
  • Flexible assembly programs to meet demands of niche products
  • Effective administration of warranty programs and call centers that result in customer satisfaction enhancements
  • Our expertise has been extended to products such as turbochargers, steering products and driveshafts

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ATC Drivetrain uses the complete depth and breadth of its industry experiences, knowledge and expertise to deliver real-world applications with impressive results. We can meet the demand for the remanufacturing of the most complex products. Contact us today and begin realizing the benefits of Quality, Service, Efficiency & Growth in your operation.