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High Voltage Battery Packs - Repair, Remanufacture and Repurpose

Repair and Recycling Electic and Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

ATC New Technologies (ATC NT) is a dynamic new division focused on the life cycle management of high voltage power train components.

ATC NT, a division of ATC Drivetrain, partners with OEM’s to support warranty and aftermarket opportunities for advanced battery packs, inverters and electric motors. This includes Lithium Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs for pure electric vehicles and (plug-in) hybrid vehicles.

ATC NT offers the following services:

  • Refurbishment and repair of high voltage battery systems and modules.
  • Return logistics of high voltage battery packs or modules, from dealers and dismantlers.
  • Cell grading analysis and balancing of cells for remanufacturing and second life use.
  • Creating a second life market for ATC NT graded cells.
  • Recycling preparation.