Electrification Products

ATC Drivetrain / Contact
electric vehicle

ATC has invested millions in developing remanufacturing capabilities to support the industry’s migration to electrification.


• NiMH or Li-Ion chemistry, up to 1,000 volts
• Interface with BMS system to diagnose faults
• Remanufacturing packs up to and including replacement of cells
• Testing remanufactured packs for State of Health
• Temperature controlled storage
• Balancing and rate of discharge determination

• Permanent magnet brushless motors up to 250kW
• Electric Drive Units (EDU) eMachine combined with transmission and inverter
• Prototype testing for eMachines and EDUs
• Remanufacturing of Inverters
• Remanufacturing of DC/DC Converters
• Electric Rear Axle Drive equipped with coupling / de-coupling clutch

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