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ATC has implemented the latest manufacturing technology to ensure we meet the exacting standards of OEMs and are able to remanufacture:
• Petrol or diesel engines
• Four, six and eight cylinder engines
• Aluminum or cast iron block
• In-line or V configuration
• Short blocks or long blocks


ATC’s dedication to the highest standards in producing remanufactured engines ensures our products are worthy of in-warranty use by our OEM customers. Our exacting standards are derived from OEM granted specifications and OEM supplied or sourced components. All wear items (pistons, rings, bearings, bushings, gaskets and seals) are 100% replaced and engines are 100% end of line tested.

ATC’s proprietary qualification processes allow us to reclaim up to 80% of the bill of material, and are able to reclaim or machine engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and connecting rods.

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