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With multiple distinct assembly lines, ATC is the largest independent automatic transmission remanufacturer in the world.

100% end of line dynamometer test mimics the standards of the OEM for the original released transmissions. With every remanufactured transmission, we incorporate prior year(s) upgrades to ensure value and compatibility.

Also able to remanufacture sub-components, such as the torque converter, mechatronic control valve and oil pump.


Automatic Step Transmissions
All types of front wheel drive and rear wheel drive step transmissions, from classic 3 speed up to the latest modern 10 speed designs including start-stop technology; ranging in capacity from 250 to 1400 lb-ft of torque.

CVT Transmissions
ATC is the largest independent remanufacturer of CVT (continuously variable transmissions) transmissions in the world, able to remanufacture standard CVTs up to the most complex architecture incorporating all-wheel drive systems within the CVT. Our CVT assembly line is housed in a dedicated climate controlled room, ensuring we meet the exacting standards and precise needs of our customers.

Manual Transmissions
From classic cars to the latest manual 6 speed with start-stop technology, all manual transmissions are remanufactured to the exacting standards required by OEM customers.

Dual Clutch Transmissions
All types of front wheel drive and rear wheel drive and transaxle transmissions can be remanufactured along with service kits for the dual clutch and mechatronic assemblies.

Hybrid Transmissions
As the market moves towards electrification, ATC is launching remanufactured hybrid transmissions for two major OEMs.

Off Highway Transmissions
At ATC our remanufacturing range extends to Heavy Duty Truck, Agricultural, Construction and Mining, with the capability to remanufacture from 3 speed up to 18 speeds, both manual and automatics up to 760 nm of torque.

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